Social Media Manager -SMM 201

This course is designed to teach you all you need to know about working with companies' social media and getting paid online

One of the fastest growing job markets today is in the field of social media! The web has become the first place most people look to make purchasing decisions, and they depend on social media for advice and guidance from their peers.

Businesses that formerly depended on Yellow Pages ads, direct mail marketing and in store advertising are realizing that they cannot neglect online marketing. However, many of these business owners have no idea how social media works, let alone how to leverage it to increase their sales or positively promote their brand.

There is a desperate need for social media savvy people like you to help these businesses build and manage their social media presence.

A social media manager simply manages the social media networking and marketing on behalf of individuals and organisations. Social media is this year’s black and the most cutting edge form of marketing and networking.


Because it takes us back to basics, back to real time two way communication. Done well it is about communication to and from a service or product provider and customers. It is about finding out the needs of the customer through direct communication and following trends.

What's included

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Olusina Paul Alade